Cold Air Intake — Breathe New Life into Your Vehicle

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January 14, 2020
January 14, 2020

Cold Air Intake — Breathe New Life into Your Vehicle

Cold Air Intake -- Breathe New Life into Your Vehicle

The engine in your car may be a mechanical assembly of metal parts, but it needs air, like a person. In a sense, all engines breathe in the same way that we humans do, and air is certainly an integral part of their primary function, that is, burning fuel. Engines cannot work without air supply, and without motors we cannot perform our daily duties. Air supply is the main factor determining the engine output. More air inside the engine cylinders means better fuel combustion and better power output. This, however, refers to air quality or oxygen density, and not to its quantity, and it is here that cold air appears. Have you ever understood why the cold air is such a soothing experience for all of us on a hot summer? The answer is very simple. When air is heated, its molecules expand, and as a result, the density of oxygen decreases. Hot air is mostly diluted and tends to rise. For humans, prolonged exposure to hot air causes discomfort due to the lower density of oxygen in it. Conversely, when the air cools, the molecules shrink, increasing its density. Dense air definitely contains more oxygen molecules than diluted air. In addition, in hot conditions, you usually use a fan or air conditioning to beat the heat and cool your body. This cooling effect is due to the convection process, in which heated air is sent to the cold zones until an equilibrium or uniform temperature is reached. Simply put, cold air removes heat. This is exactly the effect that cold air has on engines. There are two main benefits of having a cold air intake system in your car. Internal combustion engines work by burning a mixture of fuel and air inside their cylinders. A small explosion produced in this way pushes the piston. A series of continuous explosions sets the pistons in motion, starts the engine, which starts the other parts associated with it. Engine power depends on the number of cylinders and the efficiency of the explosions that occur inside them. As you know, things cannot burn without oxygen, and more oxygen definitely means faster combustion. Apply the same logic to the combustion of fuel inside the cylinders, and you can easily determine that an increase in oxygen density leads to efficient combustion of the fuel, which leads to an increase in output power. The only way to achieve this result is to introduce cold air into the engine cylinders and enjoy the result. Currently, most high-performance vehicles are equipped with cold air inlets or piston air intakes, which help the vehicle provide superior performance and increased power output by supplying cold air to the system. If you don’t have such a high-performance car, you can always install a cold air intake system in your car for just a few hundred dollars and enjoy powerful features. Another advantage of having a cold air intake system in your car is the cooling effect it brings. We all know how engines heat up after a few revolutions. We use coolants or antifreeze to cool and maintain it. An overheated engine stops and, as a rule, fails. Cold air intake systems combine with the coolant in your car to always maintain the engine at a pleasant, relaxed temperature, which increases its efficiency and minimizes damage during the process. Modern cold air intake systems are technologically advanced and are classified as auto parts to increase productivity. Before installing this spare part in your car, check whether your car is compatible with it. You can check this with your car manufacturer. You will also need to check whether the manufacturer’s warranty for your vehicle is void after such installation. Once you have taken care of these basic formalities, you can undoubtedly go further and notice an increase in horsepower and the revitalization of new life in your car thanks to the cold air intake system.

-Jack Wilson

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